Minimum Standards

The aim of the minimum standards is to guide on minimum requirements that are needed for the provision of quality higher education with focus on both operational and academic areas in order to come up with knowledgeable and skilled citizens who are competent and capable to contribute to socioeconomic development in the country. The Standards will be used by all higher education institutions in Malawi including the following:

  • All public universities;
  • All private universities;
  • All foreign universities operating in Malawi;
  • All constituent
  • higher education
  • colleges/affiliates established in Malawi;
  • All campuses of universities operating in Malawi;
  • All learning/satellite centers of universities operating in Malawi.

The   Standards will be used by the NCHE to register and accredit higher   education institutions that meet the minimum requirements contained herein.  The NCHE will use the standards to inform the assessment tools so that the team of assessors and reviewers will be guided as they conduct the assessments of HEIs.  Additionally, the HEIs will use the standards to guide them on self-assessments and development of their improvement plans to achieve improved delivery of quality education at both operational and academic levels. These standards will complement the standards for accreditation of Malawi’s Higher Education Institutions and Standards and guidelines for quality Assurance in Malawi’s Higher Education Institutions that the Council has already developed. Download Booklet here

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