"We seek to elevate higher education standards to international levels" - Dr. Bruce Munthali, NCHE Chairperson

National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) Chairperson Dr. Bruce Munthali says his vision as the new NCHE Chairperson is to elevate higher education standards in Malawi to international levels.

"We will ensure that we work with various stakeholders within the sub-sector of higher learning to ensure that the standards are elevated to international levels so that our graduates are competitive both locally and internationally," Dr. Munthali said.

The Chairperson also explained that one of NCHE's mandate is to improve the efficiency and harmonized selection of students to public institutions of higher learning.

"This is another task we are mandated by government to undertake. We need to refine this area so that the number of students selected to higher learning institutions increases.

“Government has already taken a step toward this end by unbundling the University of Malawi (UNIMA) into separate colleges. As NCHE, we exist to complement government in enhancing quality education and we already have new universities being registered and accredited," he further explained.

In adding to the issue of access to higher learning, Dr. Munthali stipulated that investing in teaching, research, access to learning and teaching materials such as ICT and libraries and encouraging universities to have clearly defined learning outcomes for any program, are sure ways of elevating higher education standards to international levels.

NCHE was established by ACT of Parliament number 15 of 2011, to regulate the higher education sector

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