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Welcome to the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). By way of introduction, the NCHE was set up by an Act of Parliament and we invite you to view the Act in the resources section of this website. It is a great privilege to serve you through the mandate bestowed upon the Council as guardian of quality assurance in higher education institutions in the country, as a conduit for economic development.
Higher education has an integral part to play in strengthening human resource capacity to achieve the nation’s medium and long term strategic goals in economic development. That is why the Council is committed and continuously strives to fulfil its functions as provided by the law and thus ensure that we hold our higher education institutions accountable in providing high standards to the public.
This website is comprehensively designed to inform you, provide resources and act as a platform to solicit ideas, feedback and input, and also to serve as a knowledge sharing hub. You will be able to get the latest information on the status of higher education institutions, resources and guidelines on how to meet the required standards.
If you have any questions, if you would like to receive any information or documentation, or if you can give us any information, please contact us any time. We remain committed to ensuring and maintaining the highest standards in all our higher education institutions: we are here to help and invite you to join us in this endeavour.
Mathildah Chithila-Munthali, PhD


Institition Registration

The National Council for Higher Education wishes to notify the general public that all higher education institutions, both public and private, are required to register with NCHE all new programmes and satellite centres  before admitting students or commencing operations in those centres. The Council would also like to assure the public that it is doing everything possible to ensure that only registered institutions are operating and offering approved programmes in approved premises. The Council is therefore urging all prospective students, parents and guardians to access list of all registered institutions and programmes in Malawi before enrolling and to inform the Council if they are aware of unregistered institutions operating within their areas.
NCHE is committed to ensuring quality Higher Education in Malawi. To this end the Council has developed Minimum Standards for Higher Education Institutions and the Accreditation Evaluation Framework which are ready for use. Therefore, the Council shall commence assessment of all higher education institutions for accreditation within the first half of 2016.

For more information please contact the secretariat

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His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, Installed as Champion for Higher Education in Africa.


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