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Welcome to the website of the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), an authoritative platform and source of information about NCHE and the registration and accreditation of higher education institutions in Malawi.

Through this platform the Council intends to ease access to authentic and verifiable information about its operations and the higher education sector in Malawi.

Establishment and scope of NCHE activities: The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), established by the National Council for Higher Education Act (No. 15 of 2011), exists to promote, regulate and coordinate higher education. NCHE collaborates directly and indirectly with higher education institutions, government departments and agencies involved in education and training, and is in constant interaction with various non-state actors. NCHE is a key player and participant in the formulation and implementation of the national agenda on higher education. The government exercises oversight through the Council (board) composed of independent members appointed by the Minister; the Secretary for Education, Science and Technology (MOEST); the Comptroller of Statutory Corporations (DSC); the Secretary for Human Resource Management and Development (DHRMD), the Secretary to the Treasury and three Vice Chancellors from private universities (1) and public universities (2).

Key operations: NCHE is a new and learning organisation. In a bid to grow and improve the range of its services, NCHE is developing systems and mechanisms to anchor its central position as the first point of call on all matters pertaining to higher education in Malawi. Higher education institutions (HEIs), are key players towards the realisation of the vision and mission of NCHE and the sectoral goals and pillars for higher education in Malawi, namely: increasing access, ensuring quality and relevance and promoting good governance and management. NCHE is working towards;

  1. a) streamlining the regulatory framework
  2. b) providing efficient support services to the higher education sector;
  3. c) ensuring quality assurance through registration, audits and accreditation;
  4. d) widening access and inclusiveness; and
  5. e) ensuring market and societal relevance of higher education.

NCHE’s processes: The processes are open, transparent, and effective and focused towards ensuring integrity and accountability. NCHE is committed to harmonisation of quality assurance systems across the higher education sector in Malawi with regional and international best practices. NCHE is also committed to capacity building processes across the higher education spectrum to ensure higher education institutions are effective agents of national development. The processes for registration and accreditation of higher education institutions are therefore rigorous, well informed by international best practice in higher education regulation and well intentioned to bring out the best from all higher education players in the interest of higher education regulation in Malawi.

NCHE ensures that higher education institutions are focused on the task of educating the students, generating and disseminating knowledge, and contributing to the good of the wider society. The processes followed when assessing institutions and programmes are also intended to ensure public trust in higher education institutions. Trust is enhanced by higher education institutions which carry out their mandate well, that do what is right essentially because it is right, and that derive satisfaction from doing what is right as they carry out the noble tasks of educating students, conducting research and contributing to wider society in a very progressive and responsive manner. Therefore, NCHE’s processes are designed to support and encourage higher education institutions to create, institutionalise and sustain a culture of quality and continuous improvement.

Aspiration: NCHE is working towards ensuring that higher education regulation is streamlined in order to serve the higher education sector and the public better. Systems and processes are being developed and perfected to ensure effective and efficient organisational culture is developed and consolidated. The ultimate aim is to ensure that higher education institutions are properly registered and accredited, thereby contributing enormously to increased access to quality, relevant and market driven higher education.

All our stakeholders are cordially invited to collaborate with us on important matters pertaining to the development of a well-regulated and functional higher education system in Malawi. We are inviting all stakeholders to embrace our core values: transparency, accountability, professionalism, integrity and team spirit. These values underline our commitment and drive towards the institutionalization of a culture of quality and excellence in higher education regulation in Malawi.