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National Council for Higher Education was establish with the following functions:

  1. To promote and coordinate education provided by higher education institutions;
  2. To register and de-register higher education institutions;
  3. To determine a framework for funding public higher education institutions;
  4. To harmonise selection of students to all public universities;
  5. To regulate, determine and maintain standards of teaching, examinations, academic qualifications, academic facilities;
  6. To develop a national qualifications framework which is compatible with regional and international standards;
  7. To determine minimum criteria and procedures for registration and de-registration of higher education institutions;
  8. To accredit both public and private higher education institutions;
  9. To design and recommend  an institutional quality assurance system for higher education;
  10. To recommend to the Minister institutional quality assurance standards for the establishment, standardization and accreditation of higher education institutions including standards of
  11. Teaching and learning;
  12. Infrastructure, physical plant and equipment
  13. The development of curricula;
  14. Libraries and learning resource centres;
  15. Safety of teaching and learning facilities; and
  16. Student-transfer between programmes and higher education institutions.
  17. To provide guidance for terms and conditions for awarding grants and scholarships to students of public higher education institutions;
  18. To ensure that higher education institutions have high caliber members of staff by-
  19. Prescribing standards and maintaining minimum requirements for engagement of members of staff to all levels of higher education institutions;
  20. Advising on conditions of employment;
  21. Overseeing continuous professional development for members of staff of higher education institutions; and
  22. From time to time, prescribing, maintaining and reviewing a code of professional ethics for members of staff in higher education institutions.
  23. To assess, evaluate and recognize qualifications attained at a foreign higher education institution;
  24. To represent interests of the Malawian higher education regionally and internationally;
  25. To monitor the implementation of international agreements concerning higher education;
  26. To promote international cooperation and facilitate exchanges in higher education; and
  27. To advise the Minister on all matters of higher education
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His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, Installed as Champion for Higher Education in Africa.


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